Safety and Security

We pride ourselves on providing students, staff, and community members with high-quality, efficient, sustainable, and safe physical environments that positively impact our students' learning experience.

According to the 2022 Climate Survey

94% of Elementary parents, and 87% of Secondary parents report their student is safe at school.

91% of Elementary parents, and 86% of Secondary parents affirm that effective measures are taken to ensure student safety.

Managed Visitor Access

During the school day, PACT utilizes the Raptor Visitor Management System. The system allows the school to produce visitor badges and electronically check all visitors against registered sexual offender databases. The overall goal is to better control access to PACT, thus providing enhanced protection for our students and staff.

All visitors, including parents, must check in at the front desk to receive a visitor badge. For more information, visit the school visitor procedures:

3M Safety Window Film

3M™ Safety and Security Film is been installed on first-floor windows for active shooter mitigation and other acts of violence. The film holds shattered glass together after impact, preventing harm from flying glass shards. Science has shown the film can halt an intruder for up to two minutes, allowing more time for staff to activate safety protocols and for emergency officials to arrive. The film also mitigates injury from broken glass and deters vandalism.

Emergency Drills

PACT conducts safety drills so our students and staff can practice what to do in an emergency. Drills for fire, tornado, evacuation, and lockdown are part of those drills.

To practice in the best way possible, we do not announce the specific date and time for drills. In our partnership with parents, we encourage you to talk with your child about these drills to the extent you feel is best for their age and understanding. 

Video Surveillance

According to Indicators of School Crime and Safety: 2005 (U.S. Departments of Education and Justice, 2006), schools continue implementing various tools to improve safety and monitor activities.

In keeping with this concept, PACT wishes to maintain students, staff, and visitors' health, welfare, and safety while on school property. Video/electronic surveillance systems may deter prohibited activity and assist with monitoring and investigating activity on school property.

For more information, visit our Video Surveillance Policy.
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