405 - Non-Certified Staff Assignment and Pay Structure Policy


PACT Charter School

Original Creation Date: January 7, 1999
Last Approved By: PACT Charter School Board of Directors
Last Approved Date: July 9, 2020
Year Reviewed: 2020-2021



PACT Charter School desires to ensure that all employees are compensated similarly to their peers, in accordance with their educational achievement, satisfactory service, and performance evaluations. To accomplish this, each position’s salary range will be evaluated every three years and revised as appropriate by Administration and the Human Resources. Recommendations will be reviewed by the Budget and Finance Committee and approved by the School Board.



Employees whose work depends on the School’s hours for the current school year should refer to the current-year School Calendar. Employees scheduled to work during the entire school year should refer to their work schedule and any work-schedule change requests made by the Principals. Preapproval from the supervisor should be obtained before altering established work hours.

All PACT staff members are expected to be at work on time. Each employee is expected to work the number of hours they are scheduled. In addition, work time should be noted on timesheets as exact time worked.



    1. Electronic Time Sheets are to be completed by all staff members that are paid hourly. In addition, timesheets must reflect all actual time worked by the employee during the pay period.
    2. PACT Charter School does not offer payroll advances.

Timesheets must be submitted by the deadline specified in the Employee Handbook.  Supervisors will approve all submitted timesheets within the time frame set by Human Resources.

NOTE: Pay cannot be generated if an employee’s timesheet is not submitted and approved by the deadline. It is the employee’s responsibility to ensure that their timesheet is submitted on time.



Staff members may be requested to take courses that are a part of their professional development. These courses must be approved in advance with written confirmation from an Principal or the Assistant Director of Education. The School will pay for the course. The employee will be paid their normal rate of pay for their time while in attendance at the course; however, travel time will not be compensated.



The hourly employee’s supervisor will complete employee performance appraisal evaluations before the last day of the school year. Performance appraisal evaluations will be presented to the Principal(s) for input/approval. The performance appraisal will be delivered by the employee’s supervisor. Employees who meet the performance appraisal eligibility criteria should receive a minimum of one performance appraisal each school year. The criteria are as follows:

  • An employee must have continuous, consistent scheduled service (i.e., routinely scheduled) and not be considered an occasional employee. An occasional employee is an employee who worked less than 100 hours in the fiscal year for all combined positions.
  • Substitute paraprofessionals, teachers, and all other substitutes will be paid by the predetermined amounts approved by the PACT Charter School Board of Directors and will not be subject to annual performance appraisals.
  • An employee must have been on active status (employed continuously without a break in service), equal to or greater than 100 hours, per fiscal year for all combined positions, including substitute hours.



Employer will assume a continuation of employment unless a written resignation is received.


Any PACT Charter School Employee who wishes to change their work assignment may apply for any open position. They will receive consideration, along with other qualified applicants, during the hiring process to fill these vacancies.


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