617 - Online Learning Policy


PACT Charter School

Original Creation Date: December 2008
Last Approved By: PACT Charter School Board of Directors
Last Approved Date: July 11, 2023
Year Reviewed: 2023-2024



This policy aims to recognize and facilitate online learning options for PACT Charter School students who wish to take advantage of online learning coursework.



  1. PACT Charter School shall limit enrollment to online learning courses to full-time students enrolled at PACT Charter School.
  2. PACT Charter School shall grant academic credit for completing the requirements of an online learning course.
  3. PACT Charter School shall allow an online learning student to have the same access to the computer hardware and education software available in the school as to all other students.
  4. PACT Charter School shall continue to provide non-academic services to online learning students in the case of expulsion or exclusion.
  5. All qualified students will be offered the option of participating in online learning courses and programs when offered (and when scheduling allows).
  6. All federal and state rules and laws concerning students receiving special education services will be followed concerning the providing of services.
  7. The number of students served may be limited to a student/staff ratio, the physical size of the space and adjacent space, and subscriptions from a web-based provider.



  1. “Online learning” - an interactive course or program that meets or exceeds state academic standards that deliver instruction from a teacher to a student by computer, includes frequent student assessment, and may include actual teacher contact time.
  2. “Online learning student” - a student enrolled at PACT Charter School for purposes of compulsory attendance and enrolled in an online learning course.
  3. “Comprehensive online learning” – Students may apply for full-time enrollment in an approved online learning program through open enrollment, agreement between school boards or to an online charter school following enrollment procedures and timelines in M.S. 124D.03 (Enrollment Options), M.S. 124D.08 (School Boards' Approval To Enroll In Nonresident District.) or M.S. 124E (Charter School). If a student enrolls full-time in an approved online learning program through open enrollment, they will no unenrolled at PACT Charter School.
  4. “Supplemental online learning” – an online course taken in place of a course period during the regular school day at a local district school.
  5. “Enrolling district” - refers to PACT Charter School


As in accordance with MN Statute 124D.095, Online Learning Rights & Responsibilities


  1. Student’s Rights
  • Participate in any approved OLL (online learning) program for which they qualify.
  • Enroll full-time in a comprehensive OLL school through open enrollment, charter school enrollment, or through an agreement between school boards.
  • Enroll in supplemental courses above 50% if PACT Charter School (the enrolling district) grants permission or if an agreement is made between schools for instructional services.
  • Enroll in supplemental OLL courses during a single school year to a maximum of 50% of the student’s full schedule of courses per term at PACT Charter School. Students may enroll in more than 1.0 ADM for credit recovery, other special circumstances covered under state law, or a fee.
  • Have the same access to computer hardware & software as other students enrolled in the district.
  • Complete coursework at a grade level that’s different from the current grade.
  1. Student’s Responsibilities
  • Must be enrolled at PACT Charter School.
  • Notify PACT Charter School of their intent to enroll within 10 days of acceptance.
  • Sign a statement of assurance that they have reviewed and understand the expectations of OLL enrollment.
  • Enroll in supplemental OLL courses no later than the midpoint of PACT Charter School’s term.
  • Adjust class schedule at PACT Charter School (reduce instructional contact) for supplemental OLL enrollment.
  • Complete the course(s).
  1. OLL Program’s Rights
  • Provide students enrolled full-time in OLL with up to a full-time course load, or the equivalent per year.
  • Provide up to 50% of instruction through OLL per term for supplemental online learning students.
  • May limit participation by board resolution.
  1. OLL Program’s Responsibilities
  • Within 10 days of acceptance, notify student & enrolling district of the course, credits, start date of instruction and confirm the course meets the student’s graduation requirements at their enrolling district.
  • Assist students whose family qualifies for the education tax credit to acquire computer hardware or software for OLL.
  • Instruct no more than 40 students in an OLL course, unless granted a waiver by the commissioner.
  • Assist student with informing enrolling district of OLL participation and course completion.
  1. PACT Charter School's (Enrolling School) Rights
  • Reduce an OLL participant’s traditional instruction in proportion to the OLL courses taken.
  • Challenge the validity of an OLL course
  1. PACT Charter School's (Enrolling School) Responsibilities
  • Not prohibit a student from applying to enroll in OLL.
  • Award credit for completed coursework.
  • Allow students to participate in extracurricular activities.
  • Make available information about OLL to all interested people.


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