703 - Crisis Management Policy


PACT Charter School

Original Creation Date: March 2023
Last Approved By: PACT Charter School Board of Directors
Last Approved Date: March 2, 2023
Year Reviewed: 2022-2023



  1. Policy: PACT’s crisis management policy has been created in consultation with local community emergency response agencies and other appropriate individuals and groups that would likely be involved in the event of a school district emergency. It is designed so that each building administrator can tailor a building-specific crisis management plan to meet that building’s specific situation and needs. 
  2. Building Level Plans. The school district’s administration and/or the administration of each building shall present building-specific crisis management plans to the Superintendent of Schools for review and approval in alignment with this policy. The building-specific crisis management plans will include general crisis procedures and crisis-specific procedures. This policy and the plans will be maintained and updated annually and communicated to all staff before the start of school. 


General Information

Elements of Crisis Management Plans 

  1. General Crisis Procedures. Procedures for securing buildings, classroom evacuation, building evacuation, campus evacuation, and sheltering. 
  2. Special Needs Procedures for Staff and Students: All general crisis procedures will address specific procedures for students and staff with special needs such as physical, sensory, motor, developmental, and mental health challenges. PACT’s crisis/ emergency team will ensure that there are specific procedures for the safe evacuation of each student and staff member with special needs.
  3. Lock-Down Procedures: Lock-down procedures will be used in situations where needed.
  4. Severe Weather Procedures: Severe weather procedures will be used in situations where there is a tornado or severe thunderstorm warning. 
  5. Planning and Preparation for Fire: Plans will include a safe area, evacuation routes, and specific procedures for teachers and staff.  
  6. Evacuation Procedures: Classroom and building evacuations shall be implemented at the discretion of the building administrator or their designee. Each building’s Crisis Management Plan will include procedures for transporting students and staff from a safe distance from harm to a designated safe area until released by the building administrator or designee. 
  7. School Emergency Response Team: PACT’s crisis/ emergency team serves as a first responder for school emergencies and assists building and district administration in developing and revising district and building-level emergency plans.  The team also implements the building-level crisis plan.
  8. Facility Diagrams and Site Plans: All school buildings will have a facility diagram and site plan that includes the location of primary and secondary evacuation routes, exits,  and designated safe areas inside and outside the building.
  9. Emergency Response Contact Information: Each building will maintain a current list of emergency telephone numbers and the names and addresses of local, county, and state personnel who may be involved in a crisis.
  10. Early School Closure: Superintendent of Schools will decide to close schools or buildings. 
  11. Drills: State law requires a minimum of five fire drills each school year, a minimum of five school lock-down procedure drills each school year, and a minimum of one tornado drill each school year. A record of drills conducted at the building will be maintained in the building’s main office. 
  12. Preparation and Planning for Sites: PACT will have pre-arranged sites for emergency sheltering, relocation and reunification, and transportation as needed. 
  13. Essential Staff Functions:  The plan will determine which staff will remain in the building to perform essential functions if safe to do so (i.e., phone system, building engineer, etc.). The plan will also designate an administrator or their designee to meet local fire or law enforcement agents upon their arrival.


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