814 -Community Use of Facilities Policy


PACT Charter School

Original Creation Date: March 7, 2007
Last Approved By: PACT Charter School Board of Directors
Last Approved Date: April 4, 2024
Year Reviewed: 2023-2024

  1. PURPOSE: The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines for community use of PACT Charter School (the “School”) facilities and equipment.
  2. GENERAL STATEMENT OF POLICY: The School Board encourages use of School facilities, grounds, and equipment for community purposes if, in its judgment, that use will not interfere with the use for school purposes.
  1. The School shall permit non-school use of designated school facilities for educational, community, recreational, civic or social activities when these activities do not conflict with school use or with this policy. The School shall reserve the right to limit use of non-school purposes. PACT will comply with all federal, state and local laws and regulations with respect to the use of its facilities and equipment.  
  2. The School shall permit individuals and for-profit organizations to use its facilities for financial gain when these activities do not conflict with school use or this policy. However, the School shall reserve the right to limit use of non-school purposes.
  3. The Board of Directors may impose reasonable regulations and conditions upon the use of the School facilities, as it deems appropriate.
  4. The Superintendent of Schools or designee will be responsible for establishing the process of scheduling rooms and special areas for any approved use to be offered during each session.  In order to comply with the requirements of the Internal Revenue Service in connection with the tax-exempt bonds that financed the facilities, the Superintendent of Schools will be responsible for tracking all uses that do not further the School’s exempt purpose or otherwise result in private business use of the facilities.
  5. Academic and extracurricular activities sponsored by the School shall always have priority when any use is scheduled. The School Board and/or Superintendent of Schools or designee shall have authority to cancel a scheduled non-school use if an unexpected conflict arises with a school activity.
  6. Building Access Fee
    1. A building access fee will be charged to all individuals or groups using any of the buildings for events/activities scheduled to be on-site after regular front desk and custodial staff hours on school days.
    2. A building access fee will be charged for the full rental time on non-school days.
    3. The Superintendent of Schools or designee may set alternate fees as deemed necessary.
  7. Facility Use Fees
    1. Facility use fees are to be defined in a schedule prepared by school administration and reviewed by the Superintendent of Schools.
    2. Fee schedule can include fees for facility or equipment use, field use, and other fee
  8. Building Rental Limits 
    1. Unless an exception is available, the School will track and measure all uses to the extent that: (1) renting the facility is not in furtherance of the School’s exempt purpose or (2) the user is a nongovernmental entity or a 501(c)(3) entity using the facility in a trade or business unrelated to its exempt purpose. 
    2. Tracking will be done to ensure that the building (time and space) is rented within the following limits in each fiscal year. 
      • Elementary Campus - No More than 2.66%
      • Secondary Campus - No More than 5.87%
    3. Generally, the amount of use under a facility contract can be determined using the  following formula:    























L = square footage of leased space

F = square footage of facility

C = square footage of facility common areas

H = # of hours leased

A = # of total annual hours facility is in use 

For example, assume a leased classroom is 500ft2, there are 10,000ft2 of common space, the total facility is 100,000ft2, the lease is for 50 hours (1 hour/week for 50 weeks), and the facility is used for 4200 hours during the course of the year.


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