622 - Musical Instrument Rental Policy


PACT Charter School

Original Creation Date: August 2009
Last Approved By: PACT Charter School Board of Directors
Last Approved Date: December 1, 2016
Year Reviewed: 2016-2017

The School Board provides funds for the purchase of certain band and orchestra instruments to be used by students enrolled in instrumental music courses at PACT Charter School. These instruments are necessary for proper instrumentation of our school band. They are often considerably more expensive and many of them are not frequently purchased by parents or students. Available instruments will be limited to budgetary constraints and priorities.

Parents and students interested in renting an instrument for a semester or for the school year will be required to pay the following fees (which may be adjusted annually based on costs). These fees apply whether the student will be using the instrument for one semester or the entire year.

  • Students who use a school owned band instrument exclusively (at school and at home) will be assessed a non-refundable fee of $50 to be paid by the end of the second week of the semester in which the instrument will be used.
  • Students who use a school owned band instrument (including percussion) that remains at school for classroom use only will be assessed a non-refundable preventative maintenance fee of $25 to be paid by the end of the second week of the semester in which the instrument will be used.


Using school-owned instruments is a privilege. Fees help to partially offset the costs of instrument purchase and normal maintenance. In addition, the fees provide a degree of equality with students who must provide and maintain their own instruments.


In renting an instrument from the school, the student and parent/guardian accept responsibility/liability for the instrument, including maintaining the instrument in good condition except for normal wear. The instrument may be recalled at any time by the instrumental music instructor for non-payment of the fee, or if the instrument is not being effectively utilized or properly maintained. In the event that an instrument is damaged, the parent/guardian will be responsible for all repairs beyond $50 (up to $25 if renting only for use at the school), up to and including full replacement.

With the instrumental music instructor’s permission, the instrument may be used, without additional fee, during the summer following the rental period.


  • The same conditions apply and a new agreement must be signed.
  • There is no reduction in the fee if the instrument is not used during the summer.



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