525 - Electronic Devices (Student) Policy


PACT Charter School

Original Creation Date: April 2015
Last Approved By: PACT Charter School Board of Directors
Last Approved Date: August 6, 2020
Year Reviewed: 2020-2021

PACT Charter School intends to maintain a safe and optimal learning environment for all students at all times. While the school personnel understands that electronic devices, including cell phones, are prevalent, convenient and a part of day to day life for many students for social interaction and communication, their use by students during the school day is most often a distraction to the classroom, learning environment and the safe operation of the school.

The school currently has the technology for student’s educational use in classrooms.

All electronic devices must remain in a student's assigned hallway locker during school hours including school-sponsored field trips and may only be actively used by secondary students by the 524 - Acceptable Use Policy during Secondary passing time in the hallway. All electronic devices will be confiscated if used in violation of this policy.

Staff will enforce the following consequences for any violations of this policy:

  1. 1st offense: The electronic device will be confiscated and brought to the office. The student can pick it up in the office after school.
  2. 2nd offense: The electronic device will be seized and delivered to the office. The parent will be notified and can pick it up in the office after school.
  3. 3rd offense: The electronic device will be confiscated and brought to the office. A parent will be notified, and the device will be returned after the student and parent meet with the Assistant Director of Education and/or the Dean of Students.

*Electronic devices include, but are not limited to, cell phones, iPods, iPads, music players, video games, etc.


PACT Charter School is not responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen electronic devices.



Teachers may request an exception through the principals for their use in situations that would add to student safety and/or add benefit to the learning environment. Notice will be sent to parents before the end of the previous school day.

Electronic reading devices/cameras that are not app or web capable.


In the event of a local or national pandemic or other type of emergency, where learning plans for PACT Charter are required by local, state or federal mandates/requirements, stakeholders will reference the learning plan to determine electronic device guidelines and requirements. Such plans would supersede Electronic Devices (Student) Policy - 525 for the entirety of the mandate or emergency learning plan(s). Upon conclusion of the plan, this policy will immediately be reenacted.

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