Facilities Committee Description


 Facilities Committee Description 


PACT Charter

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  FAC 20211221 2021-2022
Board 20220106




The primary purpose of the Facility Committee (FAC) is to provide guidance, oversight, and, when appropriate, specialized expertise to the institutional administration in the following areas: (1) Long-range physical planning; (2) Capital renewal; (3) Capital projects; (4) Facilities-related policies and procedures; and (5) Operations and maintenance. 


The FAC will consist of two or more teachers (with representation from both the Elementary and Secondary programs); two or more parents; the Executive Directors; the Assistant Director of Education; the Facility Director; the Activities Director; the Technology Coordinator; and other teachers, staff, or parents as appointed by the PACT Board of Directors. Parents, community members, and students may request membership and are subject to the PACT School Board of Director's approval. The administration selects teachers/staff/parents based upon experience, desire to serve in this capacity, and committee needs throughout the school. The PACT  Board of Directors will confirm the appointments of this committee.

Decisions require a quorum to be present. A quorum for the FAC consists of a majority of members. All approved or appointed members to have immediate voting rights upon PACT Board of Director's approval.



  1. All members are responsible for being informed on those items that directly apply to the FAC  through regular attendance and reading the minutes/notes from each meeting.
  2. The committee shall elect the chair and vice-chair of the FAC in May of each year.
  3. The chair will set the agenda and communicate with the administration on behalf of the committees, review meeting minutes of the meetings sent by the clerk, and work with committee members to ensure confidentiality of all survey information.
  4. The vice-chair will fill the chair role in the absence of the chair. Also, the vice-chair will serve as the voice of the FAC when the chair is unavailable or is needed in two places simultaneously.



Committee as a whole (specific tasks may be delegated internally by committee action)

  1. The PACT School Board of Directors has charged the Facility Committee to work with the PCS Building Company Board on expansion decisions for the 2023 expansion. This includes but is not limited to: 
    1. Approve bids as needed.
    2. Review, approve and recommend plans to the PACT School Board of Directors for the secondary facility.
    3. Review, approve and recommend plans to the PACT School Board of Directors for the current facility. 
  2. The Facility Committee may meet as needed to meet committee goals and is not subject to the Thursday night committee meeting requirement. 

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