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Executive Director Emily Mertes
Elementary Program Director Amy Erendu
Secondary Program Director Josh Nyquist


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Kindergarten Teacher Emily Nelson
Kindergarten Teacher (half-day) Brooke Junkans
Grade 1 Teacher Rochelle Hale
Grade 1 Teacher Kayla Marks
Grade 2 Teacher Kayla Johnson
Grade 2 Teacher Halle McDonough
Grade 3 Teacher Catherine Sutton
Grade 3 Teacher | Elementary Student Council Advisor Jennifer McDevitt
Grade 4 Teacher Melinda Knop
Grade 4 Teacher | Basketball Coach Beth Nelson
Grade 5 Teacher Samantha Berryhil
Grade 5 Teacher Jacqelyn Pursel
Grade 6 Teacher Pam Backowski
Grade 6 Teacher Samantha Peltier
Elementary Physical Education Teacher | DAPE | Coach Taylor Adamson
Elementary RTI Teacher Michelle Jones
ESY Teacher Sue Fisher
Music | Band Teacher Nick Brady
Music | Choir Teacher Mikayla Bird 
Secondary Art Teacher Heidi Krueger
Secondary Language Arts Teacher Anita Douglas
Secondary Language Arts Teacher | Drama Advisor Laura Lundberg
Secondary Language Arts Teacher | NJHS/NHS Advisor | Speech Coach Christal Ruppert
Secondary Math Teacher | Advisory Coordinator Katie Gangl
Secondary Math Teacher | Grades 7/ 8 Computer Teacher Lisa Anenson
Secondary Math Teacher | Grades 9-12 Technology Electives Teacher Scott McQuiston
Secondary Physical Education and Health Teacher Scott Miller
Secondary Science Teacher Bryan Olson
Secondary Social Studies Teacher Spencer Hinseth
Secondary Social Studies Teacher | Soccer Coach Ryan Thompson
Secondary Social Studies Teacher | Special Education Teacher Tom Schwartzbauer
Secondary Spanish Teacher Jayme Lisell
Title Teacher Marna Luer

Special Education Faculty

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Elementary Special Education Teacher Jill Borchers
Elementary Special Education Teacher Nancy Lloyd
Elementary Special Education Teacher Amy Nelson
Secondary Special Education Teacher Troy Bennett
Secondary Special Education Teacher Natalie Carlson
Secondary Special Education Teacher Deb Lorsung
Secondary Special Education Teacher Sandy Short
Secondary Special Education Teacher | Social Studies Teacher Tom Schwartzbauer
Speech Language Teacher Mary Levy

Support Staff

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Activities Director | Discipline Liaison | Transportation Coordinator | Coach Ben Poidinger
Administrative Office Manager Christy Siegel
Audio Visual Tech Gordon Gillesby
Business Accounts Specialist Deb Whitby
Committee Clerk Alyssa Udvig
Committee Clerk Cindy Pfingsten
Communication Specialist / Lead Committee Clerk Christine Erntson
Curriculum | Accountability Coordinator Kasie Peters
Custodian | Building Monitor David Dressen
Custodian (evening) Derek Newhouse
Custodian (evening) Ron Swafford
Facilities Coordinator Matthew Nelson
Food Service Coordinator Laurie Shenkle
Food Service Servers Jerilyn Coons
Food Service Server Penny Saunders
Human Resource Specialist Christine Feist
ISC Coordinator Robin Hokanson
Nursery Mina Dealing
Receptionist | Office Supplies Mariann Johnson
Receptionist | Student Records Tonia Nelson
Secondary Guidance Counselor Stephanie Kobes
Social Worker Lisa Holmquist
Technology Coordinator Guy Winters
Volunteer | Enrollment Coordinator Judy Hedberg


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Health Paraprofessional Nicole Riley
Special Education and Bus Paraprofessional Heidi Blanchette
Special Education Paraprofessional Deb Bartz
Special Education Paraprofessional Candice Brumm
Special Education Paraprofessional Jessica Carrington
Special Education Paraprofessional Judy Clements
Special Education Paraprofessional Jill Duderstadt
Special Education Paraprofessional Jenelle Eckel
Special Education Paraprofessional Julie Froiland
Special Education Paraprofessional Ann-Marie Graffunder
Special Education Paraprofessional Chrissy Houck
Special Education Paraprofessional Julie Howell
Special Education Paraprofessional JoAnn Jankowski
Special Education Paraprofessional Tami Nelson
Special Education Paraprofessional Kerry Oolman
Special Education Paraprofessional Cheryl Swenson
Special Education Paraprofessional Joanna Tessum
Special Education Paraprofessional | Safety Patrol Jody Shenkle
Special Education Paraprofessional | Secondary Student Council Advisor | Coach Sara Whitby
Title Paraprofessional Susanne Radtke


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Boys and Girls Cross Country Dave Johnson
Boys C-Squad Basketball Kyle Besch
Boys Junior High Basketball Ben Poidinger
Boys Junior High Soccer Justin Bakken
Boys JV Baseball Phil Molitor
Boys JV Basketball Adam Wright
Boys JV Soccer Jake Opheim
Boys Varsity Baseball Josh Coleman
Boys Asst Varsity Baseball Erick Olson
Boys Varsity Basketball Joel Hedberg
Boys Varsity Soccer Ryan Thompson
Girls C-Squad Volleyball Hannah Krafty
Girls Junior High Basketball | JV Softball Sara Whitby
Girls JV Soccer Laura Palmquist
Girls JV Volleyball | Boys Junior High Basketball Taylor Adamson
Girls Varsity Soccer | Girls Varsity Basketball Dave Anderson
Girls Varsity Volleyball Lisa Murphy
JV Robotics Ethan Swanson
NHS/NJHS Advisor | Speech Team Christal Ruppert
Theater Coach (Fall/Winter) Tom Conry
Trap Shooting Dana O'Brien
Varsity Robotics Tim Atkinson
Varsity Softball Kendra Magaard

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