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If you have an emergency with your student, please contact the school at 763.712.4200.

If there is a school-wide emergency, please do not telephone the school as the phone lines will be otherwise occupied. Updated information on events will be available through the local authorities and email when appropriate.

Weather-Related Closings and Delays

The safety of our staff and students is the priority when determining if the school should remain open in extreme winter weather. Because PACT’s attendance area spans a 15-mile radius, the weather may differ between many of our communities,  so our focus will be on our immediate area.

Decisions to Close or Delay

It is a difficult decision to close the school due to a weather event. While staying home may be safer for many, it can be a hardship for working families and those who utilize daycare or rely on school meals. 

With a winter storm, PACT will decide to close or delay based on road conditions as determined by the ability of staff to reach the building and our bus company to run routes in a timely manner. A closure decision will be communicated by 6:30 a.m., and students in grades 7-12 will participate in e-Learning classwork. 

PACT rarely decides to close early except in extreme weather circumstances because we do not want our students to take a bus to an empty house or be left at a bus stop. It is also challenging for our bus company to accommodate changes without significant notice. An early closure decision will be communicated as soon as the decision is made and logistics and timings can get determined.

PACT must make up missed school days when we exceed five closings in a school year.

Communication of Closings or Delays

PACT will post information about school closings or delays through various communication methods by 6:30 a.m. for school-day classes, or 2 p.m. for evening activities.

Please do not telephone the school as the phone lines will be occupied.

Attendance During Weather Events

Regular school attendance is essential for students' academic success. Because PACT has fewer instructional days than most Minnesota schools, attendance is even more essential for our students. If school is open, attendance is expected, and we ask families to do their best to have their students in school. However, parents/guardians have the final decision on whether or not to send their children to school during a weather event. The absence must be reported according to our Attendance Policy.

e-Learning Days for Grades 7-12

If an e-learning day is declared, families will be notified via phone and email by 6:30 a.m. Students in grades 7-12 must log in to Schoology to receive their daily school work, and specific requirements must be met by certain times for a student to be marked “present.” Minnesota only allows us to conduct five e-Learning Days per school year. For more information about e-Learning Days, visit the link below:

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