The Support Services Department at PACT Charter School is a team of specialized professionals dedicated to assuring a free, appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment. Our team serves children in grades K-12.

To qualify for support services, a student needs to be evaluated and meet the criteria for a specific disability area as outlined by the Minnesota Department of Education. In addition, the student needs to show that their disability impacts their academic achievement that requires a need for support services. Some students will have a medical diagnosis but will not demonstrate an educational need and would not qualify. Some students will qualify for an educational diagnosis but will not have a medical diagnosis.

Student Support Services

Disabilities which may qualify for support services are defined below:
Specific Learning Disability (SLD)
A large difference or discrepancy between a student’s intellectual ability and her/his achievement in the areas of reading, math, written expression, oral expression, and/or listening comprehension; severe underachievement in academic work and severe difficulty in processing information.

Title I Support


Support Services Director Services

PACT Charter School utilizes Indigo Education for its Support Services Director services. Indigo provides guidance, direction, and support to Minnesota charter schools and their families on special education.

Children with physical, cognitive, emotional, sensory and/or learning disabilities may need special education services and accommodations. Special education programs have been developed to assist students who are eligible for services according to the State of Minnesota eligibility criteria.


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What You Need to Know About IEPs

By Amy Nelson, Elementary Support Services Teacher

After a student is evaluated and found eligible for special education services, an Individualized Education Program (IEP) is written... read more.

Lead Support Services Teacher

Amy Nelson
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Social Worker

Lisa Holmquist
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Support Services Director

Indigo Education

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